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Friday Afternoon Visits: September 14

Teen Read Week: October 14 to 20

YALSA's Teen Read Week is coming up in mid-October (14th to 20th). According to the YALSA site (and via a more detailed post by Liz B. at Tea Cozy):Trw_tattoo_2

"Teen Read Week is a national literacy initiative aimed at teens, their parents, librarians, educators, booksellers and other concerned adults. It began in 1998 and is celebrated the third week in October."

The theme for this year's Teen Read Week is Laugh Out Loud (LOL) at your Library. Although Teen Read Week won't be celebrated for about a month, the deadline to register for Teen Read Week is September 17th. Why should you register? The YALSA site says:

"YALSA is a non profit organization that depends on its members for support. By registering, you are letting us know that teen literacy is a concern and you are willing to do something about it! By registering, you are telling YALSA that this program is worthwhile, and we will continue to sponsor the week."

You can also find lots of great ideas for celebrating Teen Read Week at the Teen Read Week Wiki. I'd like to join Liz in encouraging kid lit bloggers to register for Teen Read Week, and I'd like to encourage you to blog about books for teens during the week of October 14th to 20th, if that's something that you do).

31_flavorites_logoYALSA is also partnering with readergirlz for the upcoming 31 Flavorites extravaganza. October is going to be a great month for teen reading. You can show your support by registering at the YALSA site, and by visiting the readergirlz group forum. Thanks!