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Children's Literacy Round-Up: September 17

The Call for World Punctuation Day

I was quoted today in an article by Eric Shackle in the South Korean citizen reporters' journal OhmyNewsInternational. This came about because, in one of my previous Children's Literacy Round-Ups, I mentioned National Punctuation Day (coming up on September 24th). This holiday was started in 2004 by former newspaperman Jeff Rubin to draw attention to the importance of proper punctuation.

After I wrote about that, via the magic of Google alerts, reporter Eric Shackle wrote to me from Sydney, Australia that he'd "like to see it expand to a World Publication Day." I said something like that I had no control over that, but I thought he could declare it himself, and people wouldn't argue. And he did! In this article, he makes a call to expand the US National Punctuation Day into World Punctuation Day. The article also discusses Britain's Apostrophe Protection Society, and receives support from its founder for World Punctuation Day.

So, when World Punctuation Day takes off and becomes a huge, celebrity-studded event, I shall have my tiny footnote. Now if I had only mentioned Finding Wonderland's Most Egregious Misuse posts...