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It's a beautiful day here in Northern California, though the sky is not quite so blue as it was in New York six years ago. I was in Austin, Texas that day. It took me a while to get home, and I had to cancel a planned vacation a few days later. Of course these were very small prices to pay. My brother ended up in Kuwait for a year with the National Guard, but he's home now, too. No direct damage for us, just ... wounds to the spirit.

The primary change in my day to day life from 9/11 has been increased security measures when I'm traveling. And this I do not complain about (though I complain about many travel-related things). When the screeners call me aside for an extra check, I say "Thanks!", and I mean it. They're trying to keep us safe.

One thing that I remember about the days after September 11th (besides the searing images), is realizing that in a 48 hour period I had talked to everyone I was close to. How often can you say that? Not often, for me. I live 3000 miles from most of my family and friends. So that was a good thing out of 9/11. And something that I try, not not always successfully, to do better about now.

Here are some September 11th musings and remembrances from the blogs that I visit:

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Thanks! I wish you all a peaceful day.