The Name of this Book is Secret: Pseudonymous Bosch

First Issue of the Growing Bookworms Email Newsletter

Jpg_book007Tonight I'm going to send out my first Growing Bookworms email newsletter, to a brave dozen subscribers. This issue will include three recent book reviews, a children's literacy news round-up, a Sunday visits article (with links to recent blog posts about books and reading), and couple of other potential posts of interest. I hope that those of you who have subscribed find it useful.

Also, to reiterate, if you already visit the blog on a regular basis, the newsletter won't have any content not found on the blog. The newsletter is designed to reach people who, for whatever reason, prefer to receive one bookworm-focused weekly summary via email, instead of making regular blog visits.

I hope that if you like this newsletter you will pass it along to your friends. My thanks to everyone reading this for their support. Happy reading! And Happy Halloween! May the trick-or-treating bring both books and chocolate.