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Nancy Drew References on General Hospital

You find children's book references in the strangest places. I don't have a link for this, but yesterday's General Hospital (I know, I know) featured an entire conversation between brooding, Armani-clad mob boss Sonny and his feisty ex-wife Carly about ... wait for it ... Nancy Drew.

Sonny says: "Who are you, Nancy Drew now? Trying to solve the mystery of the twisted stairs?"

And Carly looks at him gently and says: "Are you reading Nancy Drew?"

And it's revealed that when Sonny was in the hospital after one of his many experiences being shot, Carly read out loud to him about, according to Sonny, "some rich girl driving a roadster solving some stupid mystery."

They go on to argue about whether Nancy's car was a roadster or a convertible, and Carly says "You just need to admit that you like Nancy Drew."

It is hilarious. The above quotes are brought to you via the magic of Tivo. And in my defense about watching a soap opera, all I can tell you is that for me (as for Liz, though I don't think she shares this specific vice), it's all about the story. And soap operas, whatever their faults, bring story, week in and week out, year-round. And occasionally, if you watch for like 25 years, they bring Nancy Drew references.