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Now THIS is a Cool Job

I was completely fascinated to read an article in this month's Mystery Scene Magazine by Brian Skupin about a contractor named Steve Humble. Steve's full-time job is "builder of residential private passageway systems." In other words, he builds secret passageways and hidden rooms in people's houses. How cool is that? You can get things like rooms that open by tilting a bust of Shakespeare, as well as more modern retina-scan via telescope systems. What a way to help people keep in touch with their inner child.

Unfortunately, the Mystery Scene article is not available online (though if you're a mystery fan, you might consider subscribing). I did find another article about Steve Humble in the East Valley Tribune (Phoenix). There's even a slideshow with examples of hidden rooms. You can also visit the Creative Home Engineering website (URL: www.HiddenPassageway.com). The company is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Someday, I want to have a cozy reading nook that's accessible by pulling on the right book in a bookcase...

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