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Sunday Afternoon Visits: Book Lists, Growing Bookworms, and the Little House Books on CD

This week I've done quite a bit of mulling over how I should be structuring this blog to make it more useful to people who are looking for book news and recommendations for kids. What's become clear is that if what I care about is helping to grow bookworms, then I should be spending more of my time on the core content that this blog provides: book reviews and news about literacy and raising readers.

Although I've enjoyed my "Sunday Visits" posts, in which I recap various items from around the Kidlitosphere, I have reluctantly decided (and with thanks to Kelly Herold for her advice and her example) that they aren't contributing very much to my core mission. I think that many of my readers would be better served by my writing an extra review or two each week than by my spending all of Sunday afternoon working on this recap post.

So, what I've decided is to re-focus the post a bit, so that it primarily includes news from the blogs that will specifically help people who are out there getting books into the hands of kids. I will also still be continuing my weekly children's literacy round-ups, which include children's literacy and reading news from newspapers and literacy sites like Literacy News and FirstBook. I won't rule out ever including Kidlitosphere news in this post. But I am going to try to make it more focused.

Jpg_book001I have some other ideas about focusing the site and making it more useful (including my new Growing Bookworms newsletter), and I'll be working on those in the coming weeks. I welcome your feedback. Meanwhile, here's the news from the blogs for this week:

And in closing, all I have to say is: "How about those RED SOX!!!!!"