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Linda Urban, Susan Taylor Brown, and Hicklebee's

Today I attended a two-for-one author event. Linda Urban was signing her book, A Crooked Kind of Perfect, at Hicklebee's. Local author Susan Taylor Brown, blog friend and Kidlitosphere Yahoo group maven, suggested that we meet there. Although Susan and I live pretty near to each other, we'd never had the occasion to meet. (I'm still disappointed that I missed her book launch for Hugging the Rock because of a business trip). 

Anyway, it was a great experience. I got to chat about books with Susan and the lovely Hicklebee's women, and then I got to hear Linda read from her book. Linda is a wonderfully expressive reader - you could practically see the fifth grade character from the book right there squirming in the chair. She also engaged a little girl from the audience in a discussion of the book, and made it look easy. After that we had more discussion, of books and blogging and the history of Hicklebee's. I could scarcely tear myself away.

Now I'm looking forward to reading my new copy of A Crooked Kind of Perfect, and to continued e-discussions with Susan and Linda about blogging and books and the Kidlitosphere. I really need to start attending more events at Hicklebee's, too. It's a magical place, a living and breathing monument to the love of children's books.