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The 2007 Red Sox...

...have won the World Series!!!! It's not the same thing emotionally that the 2004 win was (that was epic and life-changing, and a gift to long-gone grandparents). But this one was still an awful lot of fun. Going down three to one against the Indians just made the eventual win that much more satisfying. And after the season that they had, it would have been pretty devastating to see them not win. But they did. Yay!

Did you see Jason Varitek crying in his interview after the game? Did you see the rookies Ellsbury and Pedroia play their hearts out this entire series? Does Jonathan Papelbon rock, or what? (And in more ways than one.) How about those home runs by Mike Lowell and Bobby Kielty? And John Lester... and Josh Beckett .... and Dick-K .... and Curt Schilling ... and the bullpen... Wow! I'm thrilled to see Mike Lowell as the World Series MVP. I hope that's an omen that he's going to stay for next year.

What's really amazing is to look at all of the young players, and think about how all of them are going to do next year! It is a fine time to be a Boston fan, that's for sure. The curse is really dead and gone now, isn't it?


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