The London Eye Mystery: Siobhan Dowd
Catalogue of Death: A Miss Zukas Mystery: Jo Dereske

Favorite Reads from 2007

Colleen Mondor was kind enough to include me in her Recommendations from Many Bookish Folks series this holiday season. I'm in illustrious company, with editors and authors and the like. I'm grateful to Colleen for inspiring me to put together a favorites list, and I've elected to re-publish the list here, with links to reviews of each book.

I've read many wonderful books this year. These are just a few that stand out as personal favorites, books that I want to keep on my shelves. I'm not saying that these are the "best books" of 2007 (some of them are actually from 2006 or 2008). I'm saying that these are some children's and young adult titles that I first read this year that resonated with me personally. There are many others that I loved, too, including some re-reads, but I tried to keep the list to manageable proportions.

Picture Books:

Middle Grade (in age order):

Young Adult:

Thanks again, Colleen! And happy reading to all!

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