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Sunday Afternoon Visits: December 16

Kidlitosphere Yahoo Group

Something that I haven't mentioned in a while, for you new kidlit bloggers out there, is the Kidlitosphere Yahoo group. This is a discussion group, currently consisting of just over 100 members, to which people post questions about things like commenting etiquette, obtaining review copies, and the like.

If you have a children's or young adult book blog, and would like to participate, simply go to the Yahoo Groups page, and search for "kidlitosphere". We don't encourage people to post the direct link to the group, to cut down on requests to join from spammers, and the group does frown on overly commercial posts. But it's a great resource if you have questions about the quirks of Blogger, the Kidlitosphere conference, etc. The group's moderators are Alkelda the Gleeful (aka Farida Dowler) and Susan Taylor Brown (aka author of Hugging the Rock).