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Eighth Issue of the Growing Bookworms Email Newsletter

Podcast Interview at Just One More Book!

I'm honored to report that I was recently interviewed for a podcast over at Just One More Book!, and it's up today. A nice treat, on my two-year blog anniversary.

As I commented over there, I'm generally quite self-conscious about hearing myself speak aloud - I much prefer print, where I can edit, and take more time to think about what I want to say. However, it's a testament to Mark's skill as an interviewer, and Andrea's skill behind the scenes in suggesting questions, that I did enjoy listening to my JOMB podcast interview. Mark made me feel comfortable when we were talking, and Andrea has been a strong supporter of my Growing Bookworms newsletter, and I relaxed because I was chatting with friends. Mark is clearly also an excellent editor, and put together the production seamlessly.

Anyway, if you'd like to hear Mark and I chat about raising readers, enjoying children's books as an adult, and the very preliminary plans for a possible Kidlitosphere portal, tune in to Just One More Book!