Children's Literacy Round-Up: New Year's Weekend Edition
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Sunday Afternoon Visits: Book Awards, Book Lists, and Bookstores

I'm back at home in California, after 10 days in Boston over Christmas. We had a great visit, and saw many friends and family members, but it's nice to be home. Of course I promptly came down with a wretched cold on the very first day back. It has provided a good excuse for lying on the couch reading, but I'm once again falling behind in my reviews, because I've been too fuzzy-headed to write clearly.

Cybils2007whiteThe Kidlitosphere is nearly silent this weekend, between people taking off for the holidays, and people knee deep in Cybils decision-making (the first of the short lists will be announced on January 1st). But I do have a few tidbits for you.

  • The January Carnival of Children's Literature will be held at Wizards Wireless on January 21st (deadline January 18th). The theme, just in time for the Cybils, is Children's Book Awards. See also two polls in the right-hand sidebar on Wizards Wireless. The first is about favorite Newbery winners, and the second is about "If you could receive one object from the Harry Potter books as a gift, what would it be?" For me that one is easy: I could really use a time turner. Think of all the reading I could do.
  • Wizards Wireless is also looking for guest bloggers to write about independent bookstores and libraries that have great children's sections.
  • Just in time for the Cybils short list, Anne has issued a short list trivia challenge over at Book Buds.
  • Speaking of the Cybils, Sherry has put together a neat list at Semicolon, grouping Cybils nominees by topics and themes. Topics range from "aspiring actor/actress" to "Dad has mental health issues". Curious? Click through to see.
  • Also at Semicolon, the year-end Saturday Review of Books is a special edition devoted to booklists. I included links to my 2007 Reading List (not quite complete), and to the favorites list that Colleen published at Chasing Ray.
  • Maureen Johnson has issued an unusual challenge. She asks readers to start, and continue, a topic about YA books in the Amazon discussion forum. "The winner of this contest will be the person who can start and continue the most active conversation by noon, New Year’s Eve!" I know, I'm not giving you much notice for the contest itself. But it's something worth doing anyway. Thanks to Justine Larbalestier for the link.
  • This week's Poetry Friday recap is at Check It Out.
  • I'm not sure exactly what they have planned, but Mary Lee and Franki have invited us all to a "Four Day Gala Celebrating the 2nd Blog Birthday of A Year of Reading". Congratulations, ladies! I look forward to seeing the festivities.
  • The winter edition of The Prairie Wind, the online newsletter of the SCBWI-Illinois Chapter, is now available. It includes, among other interesting articles, horoscopes for children's book writers and illustrators.

And that's all for today. I wish you all a safe, happy, and book-filled New Year! Oh, and lest I should forget to mention it, how 'bout those New England Patriots?