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The Book Whisperer Gets a Book Contract

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm a huge fan of Donalyn Miller's Teacher Magazine blog, The Book Whisperer. Donalyn's bio says that she has a gift: "She can turn even the most reluctant (or in her words "dormant") readers into students who can't put their books down." Clearly, I think that's a valuable and important gift, and one to be nurtured. I often end up mentioning her posts, because they are well-written, and they are about helping teachers to help raise readers.

This morning Donalyn commented on last week's Children's Literacy Round-Up to say:

"Thanks for regularly mentioning my blog, The Book Whisperer, on your site. You are helping teachers and their students by providing a forum for discussion about books and reading.

May I release it here first? I just signed a contract to write a book based on the opinions I express in my blog and articles. Forget whispering, I guess I will be shouting my beliefs about reading and children from now on!"

This is cool for a number of reasons. But the main thing is that her book is going to be must-read stuff, a book that I really think will help teachers to help kids learn to love books. A book that will make a difference in the world. I feel comfortable, based on reading many of Donalyn's articles, in recommending this book to all and sundry, sight unseen. (Though of course I do look forward to seeing it.) If you have any doubt, head on over to The Book Whisperer now, and read her two most recent posts, about how One Size Does Not Fit All (part II) in selecting books for classroom reading.

And the fact that Donalyn Miller thinks that my blog is helping teachers, well, that's a lovely bonus, and was a wonderful thing to see first thing this morning.