Growing Bookworms Newsletter: February 26, 2008
February Carnival of Children's Literature

Guys Lit Wire: Book Recommendations for Teen Boys

Are you interested in recommending books to teenage boys? If so, Colleen Mondor has the site for you. Colleen, with a team of other bloggers that includes a. fortis from Finding Wonderland and Little Willow from Bildungsroman, among others, will soon be launching a new site: Guys Lit Wire. Isn't that a great name? a. fortis (aka Sarah) came up with it.

Guys Lit Wire will be a blog with a variety of contributors, all posting about recommended books for teenage boys. Here's what Colleen said about it in her recent post:

"We are planning to go live by June 1st and update every Monday - Friday with a different daily poster. We hope to have 21 folks on board dedicated to posting at least once a month. This way we get tons of new content from lots of different points of view, which is what I really wanted. We will likely run multiple daily posts as the site evolves but readers will be able to count for sure on at least one new post every weekday and that is what we will build a lot of the site's readership on.

There will be book recommendations, author interviews, literary commentary, a rant or two (I'm sure) and lots of other good stuff. The goal is to cover a ton of different types of books from across the literary spectrum so we can become a good resource to actual teenagers as well as anyone seeking to find books for teen boys. (And if the girls want to visit we are happy to have them, but boys are our target audience.)"

The site isn't quite available yet, but I've seen a preview. It's gorgeous, and very boy-friendly. The reason I am telling you about it now is that Colleen and the team are looking for a few additional people to contribute to the site. If you are interested in recommending books to teenage boys, and you have the bandwidth to commit to posting at least once a month, just email Colleen (colleenatchasingraydotcom). They are especially interested in getting a few more guys on board, given guys' enhanced perspective on the target audience.

I think that Guys Lit Wire is a great idea, and will fill an important need. It will target an older audience than the fabulous Guys Read site, founded by Jon Scieszka, an audience in which reading for pleasure frequently drops off. I also think that this will be an excellent opportunity for the bloggers involved to make a difference, and to get a bit of positive exposure for their blogs. If this sounds appealing to you, please contact Colleen directly. And even if you aren't interested in participating directly, I hope that you'll help spread the word when the site becomes available. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!