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Jericho Returns Tonight

Quick off-topic post to let you all know that the fabulous post-apocalyptic television drama Jericho returns with the first of seven new episodes tonight (on CBS at 10:00 pm). That these episodes are airing at all is a success story for the show's fans, who vehemently protested the show's cancellation after last season, and earned it a reprieve. In light of the strike-driven dearth of new television material these days, I think that Jericho has an excellent chance to build a strong audience, and return next year. If you enjoy plot-twisting drama, with strong, appealing characters, Jericho is well worth checking out. You can watch all of the episodes from last season online now. And if you're a fan of post-apocalyptic storylines, as I am, then you've probably been watching all along. Don't miss the new season!