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New Blog Photo

I decided, after two years of looking at it, that it was high time for me to replace the photo on my blog. This is a hard thing for me, because I so rarely like photos of myself. But I do like this one, especially because when I look at it, I know the history of the uncropped version of the photo. In any case, it's high time for me to have a photo in which I'm not wearing sunglasses (it was a very rainy day, actually).

This photo was taken using Susan Taylor Brown's camera by an employee at Hicklebee's Books, during National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Jon Scieszka's visit to Hicklebee's in January. You can find more details about that visit, and the uncropped version (with Jon Scieszka) here. Thanks for remembering your camera, Susan, for thinking to take the photo of me with our new National Ambassador, and for going to the trouble of sending it to me! Your thoughtfulness now has a semi-permanent place on my blog.

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