Moving Weekend!
Children's Book Council Launches Second National Initiative this Year to Promote Reading Among Children


I've been wanting to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent me encouraging comments and emails this week during my move. I'm able to get email on my cell phone, and every single comment brightened a stressful weekend. Thanks!

We're in the new house now, though mostly still living out of boxes. We're awaiting delivery of various items, including my beautiful new bookshelves and the sofa for the family room. We can't use the dryer because we have to rewire it for a different type of plug, and that's just one of a million details. However, the kitchen is functional, the Internet access is working throughout the house, and I've already started receiving a few review books at the new address. So things are looking up, after a pretty rough few days.

I hope to get back to regular blog posting this weekend. And perhaps find time to read some of the 734 unread posts currently in my Google Reader. I've missed you all these past couple of weeks. More soon...