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My New Bookshelves Revisited

For anyone interested, here are some photos of my new bookshelves with books in them. (TadMack should ignore this post).

Littleshelf This little shelf has some of Mheir's reference books on top (he is a urologist), but on the two shelves I have my collection of signed books. Click to enlarge the photo.

Bigshelf This is the main event - the big set of shelves. Most of the knick knacks were selected by Mheir. Personally, I'd be content filling every last inch with books. But I think it does look nice. Hardcover children's books start in the upper left corner, then paperback children's books in the second column and across the top. Adult fiction is below that on the right, and non-fiction is sorted by category (travel, business, humor, medical reference, etc.) filling in the rest. Not shown is the gorgeous runner that Mheir's Mom made to go across the top.

Blogshelf This shelf is one of two that's in a different room, a little study / reading room that we set up. This is my working bookshelf - dedicated to my kids' book to be read / to be reviewed pile. Picture books and to be reviewed titles are on the bottom, then ARCs on the next shelf, then two shelves of non-ARC review titles, then a shelf of children's books that I bought and intend to read at some point, then an expansion shelf, and then some books about raising readers and writing at the top. If you zoom way in you can also see my special Babymouse picture. There's also a cute little book-themed bookmark holder (most people would use it as a letter holder) that I'm also using as a bookend.

The other shelf is mostly paperbacks, including my adult TBR shelf, so I've skipped that picture. As you can see, we managed to fill all of the shelves pretty effectively. There's a bit of expansion space for more books - but I'm already wondering how long it will be until we need more shelves... Better start saving up now.

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