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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: April 8, 2008

My New Bookshelves

For those interested, here are my new bookshelves:

Bookshelves009cropThis is the main set, seen from an angle. Click on the photo to see a larger view.

Bookshelves002_2 This is the same shelves face-on. This is without most of the shelves put in, but you can imagine it. I'm going to start putting books up soon, and I'll take some more pictures.

Bookshelves019 This last one is a little standalone shelf under the stairs. There are also a couple of other standalone three foot wide, tall shelves, but they are next to uncurtained windows, and I can't get them to photograph right. But they all match! It's so nice.

The person at the furniture store seemed to think that we were getting too much shelving - more than anyone would possibly need. We'll see how it works out once I start shelving the books, but I don't think one can have too many bookshelves. We just kept saying "we have a lot of books."

I look forward to filling these up, and organizing along the way. More pictures once they are loaded up.

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