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I'm popping in for a quick post or two during the 24-hour interval that I have between a six-day trip to Texas and Louisiana (for a wedding, and some visiting) and having guests come to stay. And I wanted to tell you a story that I think is a classic example of how cool it can be to be a children's book blogger.

Mheir and I were in Austin, Texas on Monday. We'd just gone to lunch at my favorite margarita place from grad school, Trudy's (and yes, the margaritas are still good). Then we went with our friends to pick up their daughter from middle school. We were standing outside the school when my always helpful friend, spying an approaching parent, said "Oh, you should meet Brian."

Zack ProtonTurns out that Brian is Brian Anderson, author of the Zack Proton books. Turns out further that Brian reads my blog (and also mentioned Book Moot and Three Silly Chicks). He recently helped suggest books for Matthew, and he mourned a bit for my lost books. He mentioned how envious his other daughter would be of my Hunters of Artemis shirt, and we talked about the coolness of Rick Riordan for a bit.

Jenwithbriananderson1After some chat, I said that I'd like to read his books, which are aimed at reluctant readers / early elementary school kids (which, as you know, is a particular interest of mine). Brian promptly returned to his car, got copies for me, signed them, and posed for a picture (I'm standing on a big rock - he's much taller than me). All while we waited for the kids to come out of the school.

If this is the life of a kidlit blogger, it is pretty cool.

P.S. I read two excellent books on the trip: World War Z by Max Brooks (which I remember Liz from Tea Cozy recommending quite a while back) and The Compound by S. A. Bodeen. Both gripping books that I couldn't stop thinking about. More detail soon.

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