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Children's Literacy Round-Up: Mother's Day Weekend Edition

A Passion for Children's Books

Just wanted to let you all know that I have an article in this month's issue of Escape Adulthood Magazine. The entire issue is about following your passion, whatever that might be, and there are lots of inspiring articles to choose from. My article, as astute readers will expect, is about retaining a passion for children's books as an adult. You can find out all of the details, and download the issue in PDF, from the Escape Adulthood website. My thanks to Kim and Jason Kotecki for including me in this month's issue of their wonderful magazine. (Mom, your printed copy is on the way.)

Also on the subject of finding and following your passion, I refer you to Patty Palmer's post today at Capturing Joy: Living a Creative Life. Patty reports that her key word is creativity, and that everything she does revolves around that. She asks visitors to join in the discussion, asking: "What is your key word? What inspires you to chose projects or careers? What are you fantastic at? What do you suck at?". I said, not surprisingly, that my key word is reading, but you'll have to click through to see what I said that I do and don't do well, if you're curious.

And while we're on discussing what we're passionate about, I also recommend that you head over to ForeWord Magazine's Shelf Space blog, where this month's guest blogger is the Kidlitosphere's own Jackie Parker from Interactive Reader. Jackie asks readers: "Why do you follow the blogs that you follow? What makes each one stand out to you? What makes some blogs stand out from others that have the same general subject matter? How is it that we begin to feel a connection with a person we’ve never seen, let alone met?" If you have something to share (or you just want to show Jackie some support at her current gig), head on over to Shelf Space.

That's all for now. The Red Sox are on soon (to change gears to another passion of mine). Happy Friday!

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