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Seeing People Who Love What They Do

In light of recent bleak world events, MotherReader shared some news that brightened her day, and asked: "What’s lightening your heart these days?" In the comments, I posted a link to this post at Cynthia Lord's journal, in which Cindy expresses her joy at winning a kid's choice award (the Great Stone Face award) in her home state of New Hampshire. You can't help but be happy for all of the accolades that Rules has won, if you read Cindy's blog, because her joy and gratitude are so genuine.

I wanted to share another example here too. This past weekend Mheir and I went to a talent show sponsored by St. Andrew Armenian Church (where Mheir is on the Parish Council). It was a much higher-end production than I expected when I heard the phrase "talent show", featuring both home-grown and professional talent. We saw a number of great performers (I especially liked the Gypsy Dance). But the act that brought down the house was by Felix Amirian and Nasser Bobmoradi, two members of the band Gypsy Tribe. Felix played guitar, Nasser played rhythm guitar, and they did two songs initially, plus an encore later. It was a simple act, really. Two guys on guitars, no lyrics, up on the stage. The music was great, but what made the act special was the sheer joy that both Nasser and Felix brought to the performance. They started out sitting down, but eventually they were standing up at the front of the stage, audience clapping along, as though they simply couldn't help it. The music and the audience drew them forward. They were laughing and smiling throughout - and it just had to be genuine enthusiasm shining forth. I can't tell you how much that resonated with and energized the crowd. Mheir and I liked the music a lot, but I think that we bought the CD because we wanted to hang onto that joy a little bit longer.

Seeing people who truly love what they do is inspirational. I wish you all the opportunity, and the determination, to find that joy in your own lives.

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