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Tuesday Evening Visits: May 20

Summer Blog Blast Tour: This Week

I'm late in posting about this, due to yet another trip, and some difficulty in keeping up with work, but this week is the second annual Summer Blog Blast Tour, organized by the talented and tireless Colleen Mondor from Chasing Ray. The SBBT is an organized collection of author interviews, with several authors visiting multiple sites, and several sites interviewing multiple authors. I'm not participating, but I have been part of Blog Blast Tours in the past, and I think that they are a wonderful way to generate excitement about children's and young adult authors across the Kidlitosphere. Here is the complete schedule for the week, organized by Colleen, copied from Bildungsroman, with links coded by Little Willow and Kelly Fineman):

SBBT 2008 Schedule

Monday, May 19th
Adam Rex at Fuse #8
David Almond at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
R.L. LaFevers at Finding Wonderland
Dave Schwartz at Shaken & Stirred
Elizabeth Scott at Bookshelves of Doom
Laurie Halse Anderson at Writing & Ruminating
Susan Beth Pfeffer at Interactive Reader

Tuesday, May 20th
Ben Towle at Chasing Ray
Sean Qualls at Fuse #8
Susane Colasanti at Bildungsroman
Robin Brande at HipWriterMama
Susan Beth Pfeffer at The YA YA YAs
Debby Garfinkle at A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy
Jennifer Lynn Barnes at Writing & Ruminating

Wednesday, May 21st
Delia Sherman at Chasing Ray
Ingrid Law at Fuse #8
Polly Dunbar at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Tera Lynn Childs at Bildungsroman
Siena Cherson Siegel at Miss Erin
Barry Lyga at A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy

Thursday, May 22nd
Elisha Cooper at Chasing Ray
Dar Williams at Fuse #8
Jennifer Bradbury at Bildungsroman
E. Lockhart at The YA YA YAs
Mary Hooper at Miss Erin
Charles R. Smith, Jr. at Writing & Ruminating
Mary E. Pearson at A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy

Friday, May 23rd
Varian Johnson at Finding Wonderland
Jincy Willet at Shaken & Stirred
John Grandits at Writing & Ruminating
Meg Burden at Bookshelves of Doom
Gary D. Schmidt at Miss Erin
Javaka Steptoe at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Don't miss the SBBT! The interviews have been amazing so far.