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The Second Annual Kidlitosphere Conference: Portland, OR

Thanks to the efforts of the fabulous Jone (aka MsMac) and Laini, planning is underway for the second Kidlitosphere conference. Laini and Jone have set up a blog where they will be recording conference information as it becomes available. Right now they have a date (September 27th, plus possible events the night before and the morning after) and a location (Portland, OR). And they are looking for a rough idea of headcount, so that they can plan details like facilities and group hotel room rates.

Thinking about attending? Here's what Jone and Laini say:

"If you blog about children's books (or YA), or if you are a writer of children's books (or YA) who blogs -- we'd love to see you there."

So, it's open to anyone who blogs about children's or young adult books or writes children's or young adult books and blogs about that. The conference fee is expected to be a quite reasonable $50, including dinner Saturday night, though of course travel costs will drive up the expense. Here's my endorsement, though. I don't like travel. I travel way too much already, for work, and because my family lives 3000 miles away from me. Yet I flew to Chicago from California for the conference last fall (that one organized by the tireless Robin Brande), and considered it completely and totally worth the time and the money. The chance to meet, face to face, with people I interacted with practically day, in a virtual sense? For me, it was impossible to resist. And I was very glad that I went. Everyone I met was warm and friendly and genuinely thrilled to be able to talk, in person, with other people who share their passion for children's books and reading. (My post about last year's conference is here.) It's a completely validating experience.

So, fellow Kidlitosphere members, think about attending if you can. You won't regret it. I plan to be there for sure, and others are RSVPing here even as you read. (You don't have to make a firm commitment now, but if you're thinking of going, do let Laini and Jone know, so that they can plan the best possible event). I hope to see you there!