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It is amazing how quickly I can fall behind on my blog updating. For the past week I've been saving links as I run across them, and I have a boatload stored up. Not to mention literacy links, and reviews for my "made me want the book" list. And yet time keeps slipping away from me... But I'll get what I can up for you now, and hope for the best.

  • Susan Tyalor Brown is having a contest at Susan Writes. She has three autographed copies of In a Blue Room, by Jim Averbeck, illustrated by Tricia Tusa. (Harcourt, 2008), and she gives readers three different chances to enter the contest. But you'll have to click thorugh for details.
  • Shannon Hale has an inspiring post about gateway books "that will help that reader fall in love with stories, with the written word, and that will lead to more and more books". She shares examples of reluctant readers finding that one book that works for them, that gets them reading. And her visitors share other examples, too.
  • MotherReader shares her progress to date on her blogging goals for the year. She also asks readers how they are doing with their goals for the year, and several people share in the comments.
  • The Cybils organizers are looking for help in locating some of the 2007 Cybils winners. Anne ordered some gorgeous pens for the winners, but there are five winners who can't be found. If you know Andrew Donkin, Giovanni Rigano, Shelley Jackson, Paolo Lamanna, or Eoin Colfer, please let them know they have a great prize waiting for them.
  • Congratulations to Mark and Andrea for reaching their second anniversary and 400th episode of Just One More Book!
  • Mitali Perkins is looking for suggestions for books about fathers and daughters. If you have any suggestions, please head on over and share them with her.
  • Over at ForeWord Magazine's Shelf Space blog, Jackie Parker shares a list of unexpected similarities between 2007 Cybils winning YA titles. For example, "Ucky Mothers", "Adults who Fail to protect kids in a Spectacular manner", and "The "responsible" adult doesn't tell mom where he's taking the kid". Fun stuff!
  • Via Gail Gauthier, I found an interesting article in the Denver Post about the positives to online book reviews. The gist is "the web to the rescue" in the face of the difficulty of getting new books reviewed. Meanwhile, Chris Barton writes about the "echo chamber" that is the community of people involved in children's book publishing. He asks "When my books are finally available, will most of the people who know about them be other folks in the local or online children's literature scene? Will the news of my publication be just one of many near-identical pieces of good news bouncing off the walls of one fairly self-contained community?" He suggests that we try branching out a bit.

OK, I have more, but I'll have to get back with you in the morning, because the sleepy wave is taking over. Happy reading! This week's Growing Bookworms Newsletter will be delayed (until, you know, there's something to actually send out).