Growing Bookworms Newsletter: June 25, 2008
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Thursday Afternoon Visits: Pre-ALA Version

I'm off to ALA tomorrow, which means that blog posts will be pretty sparse for the next few days. But I leave you with a few tidbits:

  • Trevor Cairney has a nice post at Literacy, Families and Learning about The Importance of Play. It's actually the third part of a series, but it stands alone just fine. He includes "Some thoughts on playing creatively with young children (in particular with toys)". In a perfect world, we wouldn't need help figuring out how to play creatively with kids, but I'll bet a lot of people find this post useful.
  • Cheryl Rainfield shares a "fun, creative way to get your child interested in a book". It involves anonymously sending the child books in the mail. I have to admit that I have mixed feelings - it seems a bit deceitful - but we did at one time mail books to our nieces, and that was a hit.
  • Susan Taylor Brown recently published the June Carnival of Children's Literature at Susan Writes. The theme is fathers in children's literature, and these is some great material there. If you only check out one thing, check out that post.
  • Sherry Early is trying something new at Semicolon: author celebrations. She was already taking note of author birthdays, but she recently asked herself: "why not have blogosphere-wide celebration for certain of my favorite authors on their birthdays? I pick an author with an upcoming birthday, let folks know about the celebration, and if you enjoy that author too, you can post about his/her books: reviews, the time you met Author X, or whatever is related to that particular author, maybe a list of read-alikes for other adoring fans." The first author celebrated is Charlotte Zolotow.
  • I.N.K. (Interesting Nonfiction for Kids) is having a book blast giveaway. They say: "To support the children's nonfiction community, our fifteen published authors have each agreed to DONATE A SIGNED COPY OF ONE OF THEIR BOOKS. That's FIFTEEN books all to ONE LUCKY WINNER." Check out this post for the quite reasonable rules.
  • Big news for author Rick Riordan. He recently announced: "It's a big day for 39 Clues. Scholastic announced today that DreamWorks has purchased the film rights to the series. Deborah Forte and Steven Spielberg will produce, and Steven Spielberg is considering directing the project." Way cool! The first book in the 39 Clues series, Maze of Bones, will be published September 9th.
  • I'm way behind on my literacy round-up news (and won't get to it now until next week sometime, though I'm saving links). Meanwhile, Terry has you covered at The Reading Tub blog with her June 23rd Reading Round-Up.
  • Colleen Mondor's recent post about "whether or not boys are emasculated by YA literature that does not allow them to be the hero" has sparked quite a bit of discussion. See her followup post here (with links to the original, and to some of the controversy). Kiera also has some links on the topic at Library Voice. The whole thing is fascinating, though depressing in many ways.
  • For another interesting discussion, check out this post at Chicken Spaghetti. Susan asks some tough questions, in light of the even increasing number of KidLit blogs, like "Is it hard for a general non-kid-lit-affiliated person to know where to start reading? Are we bloggers reaching our target audience, and, if not, how do we do so?" Do check out the discussion in the comments.

And that's it for today. Happy reading!