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PaperTigers Interview / Children's Writing Update

Last month Marjorie Coughlan from PaperTigers ("a website about books for young readers, with a special focus on the Pacific Rim and South Asia") interviewed me about my passion for getting young readers interested in books. The interview is now available. Marjorie asked me some great questions about what gets kids reading, reaching reluctant readers, the Cybils, and blogging in general. She also dug up some other supporting links, including my Just One More Book! interview. If you're interested in reading the results, click here. My thanks to Marjorie for putting in so much time with this interview. I love the PaperTigers site, and the work that they do to help young readers, and I am honored to be playing a small part there.

Jon Bard was also kind enough to feature my blog in this week's Children's Writing Update, an email newsletter companion to the Children's Book Insider. I've been hearing from lots of children's book authors over the past couple of days as a result. If you are here from Children's Writing Update, thanks so much for clicking through.

And finally, many thanks to everyone who commented on my recent post about when a hobby becomes something more. I'm just overwhelmed by the tremendous support that people from the Kidlitosphere show one another. This is such a wonderful place to be, and you've all reminded me of that this week, and a time when I'm struggling (yet again) to find the right balance for myself in blogging. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone, and that people understand, and even have constructive suggestions and offers of help.

Thanks again, to Marjorie and Jon, and to everyone who commented or emailed me in response to this week's post. I appreciate you all very much. It's been quite a week!