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BBAW Giveaway at In Search of Giants

Bookbloggerbutton2As I've mentioned and been thrilled by, I was shortlisted for Best KidLit blog in the Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) Awards at My Friend Amy. Voting is now closed, and winners will be announced at various blogs throughout the week (which is Amy showing yet again how community-oriented she is - instead of just making all the announcements herself, she's parceling them out to the blogs that have been most supportive of BBAW week). The Best KidLit Blog winner will be announced Thursday morning at Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic (which has a gorgeous banner). The Best YA Lit Blog will be announced Thursday morning at Bookroom Reviews.

In the meantime, there are tons of giveaways taking place in honor of BBAW week. Amy has a big round-up here. And while those are all great, and well worth checking out for book fans, I want to tell you specifically about Aerin's giveaway at In Search of Giants. I've known that Aerin and I were kindred spirits since she started commenting on my blog, and I started reading hers. She is always supportive and enthusiastic in her comments, and was quick to congratulate me for being short-listed for the BBAW. Aerin's reviews are very personal, and she's not afraid to express a different opinion from the majority (of The Road she begins her review: "I found this book ridiculously boring."). We often (though not always) appreciate the same books.

But I was still blown away when I discovered this morning that Aerin was hosting a BBAW Giveaway in honor of my "Reviews that Made Me Want the Book" feature (which she cleverly abbreviates as RTMMWTB). She says (after some intro):

"In honor, then, of Jen, and BBAW, I'm holding a give-away. Choose the two titles from Jen's RTMMWTB series which most appeal to you, and list them in the comments. I will choose a name randomly on Friday, September 19 to receive the prize."

She also has a bunch of ways that people can get extra entries, including commenting on either my blog or at My Friend Amy. Is this not the nicest compliment one can imagine as a blogger? I'm almost (though clearly not quite) speechless, and certainly humbled. What a lovely way for me to start the day! And for you all - a chance to win free books. Head on over to In Search of Giants for the details.