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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: September 9

International Literacy Day

Today, September 8th, is International Literacy Day. Here are a few quick links for your reading pleasure.

  • Cheryl Rainfield celebrates International Literacy Day by sharing some links and statistics about literacy. She adds: "I’m just going to quietly celebrate by reading good books, being thankful I can read, and noticing the pleasure and gifts books give me." Doesn't that sound like a good way to spend Literacy Day?
  • The National Center for Family Literacy shares some reading tips in honor of the day. They offer "tips for choosing age-appropriate books for kids. All tips are from the Cultivating Readers parent magazine (click here for a free download in English or Spanish)."
  • Over at Farm School, Becky has a host of literacy-related links for today (many repeated from three years ago, but they surely are a second look). I especially liked the section on "How to Read (for Children and Adults) and How to Enjoy Reading".
  • There are some great literacy activities going on in Florida this month (September is Literacy Month there). For instance, "In conjunction with International Literacy Day on September 8th and National Library Card Signup Month, entrance to all of Florida ’s state parks will be free the week of September 7-13 for visitors who bring a library card, library book, or who donate a new or gently used family book." An article at has the details. I found this link in Terry's September 8th Reading Round-Up at the Reading Tub blog.
  • See also articles inspired by International Literacy Day in Pakistan, Barbados, The Virgin Islands, The Philippines, Kenya, Jamaica, and Ghana. There are plenty of other articles, also, too many to mention individually.

And, in other children's literacy and reading news:

  • Madeline from BookKids (the BookPeople children's book blog) is preparing for Banned Book Week. She states her views on book banning firmly and concisely, saying things like: "Now, don’t get me wrong. I do believe that parents have a right to limit what their children read. Every child is different, and most parents are the best qualified people to decide what is or is not appropriate for their child. What I do not like is some other parent telling me what my own child can or cannot read. I would like to be able to make that decision myself." It's definitely worth a read. 
  • Sara Lewis Holmes writes about a Digital Bookmobile coming to Centreville, VA this weekend. She adds: "I've only lived one place that was served by a bookmobile, and that was the military family housing area on Fort Adams, in Rhode Island. I loooooved that thing. There was something about all those books squeezed into one tiny, but orderly, space that made them feel even more like the treasures they were." I think that the word bookmobile will forever make me think of Kerry Madden's Maggie Valley trilogy (in which the bookmobile librarian plays a major role). 
  • In reading news, you can view the clip from Rick Riordan's Today Show appearance. He has the link here. I actually taped it on my DVR, so I'm going to watch it on TV later today.
  • An article by Melanie Jackson in today's Vancouver Sun addresses: "Why so many are 'reluctant readers' and what to do about it". She notes: "Educators would invent the term "reluctant reader" to define kids who reached the intermediate grades and floundered over texts their classmates absorbed with ease. In recent years, however, educators have reconsidered the case of the reluctant reader. Maybe it's not that these kids don't take to reading. Maybe the way reading is taught doesn't take to them."

Happy International Literacy Day! May this day find you celebrating your own literacy and appreciation for books.