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The Second Annual Kidlitosphere Conference: Portland, OR

Logo_2While we're on the subject of conferences, I'm inspired by Pam's post to remind you all that it's not too late to attend the Second Annual Kidlitosphere Conference. The conference will be held in Portland, OR on September 27th (yes, the same day as the National Book Festival across the country). There is a fabulous agenda brewing for KidLit '08. I'm going to quote Pam (MotherReader), who said:

"If you’re an author and want to find out how blogging can work for you, this conference is the place to go. If you’re a book blogger, and are looking for more ideas for growing your audience or expanding your voice, this conference is for you. The conference will be great for both authors and bloggers looking to share ideas, meet people, market books n’ blogs, and generally network. And you’ll have a blast."

Seriously. It's going to be great. I'll be there, as will a host of other bloggers and authors from around the Kidlitosphere. You can see the list of registered attendees in the upper left corner of the conference blog. Jone reported earlier this week that there are more than 50 people registered. However, today is the last day to book a hotel room at the conference rate. If you're on the fence, don't wait any longer.

I hope to see you there.