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It IS a Happy Halloween

This morning, before I'd even had a chance to look at the blogs, Jenny from Jenny's Wonderland of Books emailed to me that I was featured today on Literacy Is Priceless: A Blog for Reading Teachers. Anna was kind enough to recommend my blog to her readers, and she even called it "pure inspiration!" That's an extra-lovely thing coming from someone who provides resources to reading teachers. Jenny also shared this Publisher's Weekly link with the Kidlit Yahoo Group, with photos of some beautiful children's literature costumes.

And then this afternoon I was skimming through the blogs, and Laurel Snyder mentioned that she had made a list of her Top 10 Children's Literature Blogs at blogs.com. Since the day was going well and all, I clicked through, and was very pleased to see my blog there, and in truly excellent company.

I also had a lovely shout-out earlier in the week from Cindy Hudson at Mother Daughter Book Club. Cindy especially likes the list of Cool Girls from Children's Literature. (This is me, shushing the little voice inside my head that, in parallel with being happy about this, whispers "You really need to update that list, Jen.")

I'll tell you, people like Anna and Laurel and Cindy and Jenny are what keeps me blogging. Even when my travel schedule gets in the way, and I get stressed out about being behind. Even when I get into a mood where I really just want to read and enjoy the books, not review them. Even when I run out of space on my bookshelves, and have to start those sideways stacks. It's all worthwhile because I get to hang out (mostly virtually, but sometimes in person) with such wonderful people.

Happy Halloween, friends!