Winners: Piper Reed, The Great Gypsy
Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris: R. L. LaFevers

The 2008 Cybils Nominations!

CybilslogosmallThe nominations list for the 2008 Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards (the Cybils) are now available. You can find links here to each of the categories (including two extra lists, because Fantasy & Science Fiction and Graphic Novels are each broken out into Middle Grade and Young Adult).

There are currently 832 titles listed. However, some astute readers have already pointed out a couple of titles that inadvertently ended up in multiple categories, so the number will likely come down a tiny bit. It was quite a deluge of nominations for the category organizers to process in a two week period, and I for one (not being a category organizer this year, but having a window into the process) think that they did an amazing job. They were helped in this endeavor by the fabulous Cybils database that Sheila Ruth developed this year.

As Anne Levy pointed out on the nominations post, the Cybils nominations lists would make an excellent starting point for anyone looking for gift ideas for this holiday season. And, if you should happen to click through from the lists on the Cybils site to make your purchase, a small commission may flow back to the Cybils organization. This money will be used to buy prizes for the winning authors and illustrators. But regardless of that, we do hope that you'll find these lists valuable in identifying potential reads. We'll be back on January 1st with short lists in each of the categories (after what promises to be heroic amounts of reading by some of the committees).

Do stay tuned to the Cybils blog in the coming weeks, too. Our talented Deputy Editor, Sarah Stevenson, will be posting excerpts from book reviews, by Cybils participants, of the nominated titles. We also expect to have some round-table discussions with Cybils panelists, and other content. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to these nominations lists!

-- Jen Robinson, Literacy Evangelist for the 2008 Cybils