Children's Literacy Round-Up: October 19
The 2008 Cybils Nominations!

Winners: Piper Reed, The Great Gypsy

Piper ReedAnd the winners of last week's book give-away, for five copies of Piper Reed: The Great Gypsy by Kimberly Willis Holt, are:

I'll email you all, but in case you don't get the message, please email me with your mailing address. I will pass it along to the publisher, Henry Holt, so that they can send you the book. Congratulations on winning the book! I hope that you all like it.

Thank you to everyone who submitted responses to my bonus questions. I'm sorry that you all couldn't win. Here are the books that people mentioned as having that classic middle grade fiction feeling (Please note that these are not recomendations from me - several are books that I haven't read - where I've reviewed a title, I linked to my review):

And here are people's favorite Melendy family members:

  • Randy (the most popular choice)
  • Mona
  • Oliver
  • Cuffy

Poor Rush and Father, no one seemed to bond with them. But personally, I loved them all. And Mrs. Oliphant, too.

Thanks for playing!