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A Small Milestone: 5000 Comments

Today I received my 5000th comment since starting the blog. It's a bit of an artificial milestone, since I usually respond to comments by commenting, so a lot of the comments are from me. But I'm still a little awed by it - that's an average of more than 4.5 comments per day over the three years that I've been blogging. I'm sure that the Kidlitosphere Comment Challenge caused me to reach this milestone sooner than I would have otherwise. Thanks, Pam and Lee!

And special thanks to Deanna H, my 5000th commenter. Deanna is a teacher and avid reader of children's books. She blogs at Once Upon A Time... (subtitle: There is nothing juvenile about children's literature), a new blog that I've been enjoying recently. You should definitely check it out. The milestone comment said (in reference to my review of Beige):

"I have seen this book before, but haven't heard anything about it. Now that I have a trusty review to go off of, I'll get to add it to my list. Thanks! P.S. I hope you are feeling much better."

How fitting is that? A comment in which I learn that I've helped someone to decide to read a book, and one that also has a personal note asking how I'm doing (after I took some time off recently for ergonomic reasons). Is the Kidlitosphere the best place in the world, or what? (I mean, if it was a place, of course).

Many, many thanks to everyone who has taken time to comment over the years, and thus made me feel like what I'm doing with this blog makes a difference. I can't imagine that I would have kept it up without you.