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Buy Books for the Holidays

Imbuyingbooks_button Amy from My Friend Amy (Founder of Book Blogger Appreciation Week) has started a new initiative: Books for the Holidays. The idea is for book bloggers to put our money where our mouth is this holiday season, and support the publishing industry by buying books as gifts (where possible).

Personally, I'm happy to have an excuse to buy books as gifts for people (especially for kids). But if you need additional reasons, here are a few from the Books for the Holidays blog:

"Books are a good value for the amount they cost. They provide information, entertainment, encouragement, and escape. They challenge our thinking, make us laugh, and inspire our dreams. They look lovely sitting on our shelves or coffee tables.

Books are diverse. I recognize that not everyone in your life might like to read. But thankfully, there's a book for just about every interest. There are even books that are just pictures or, huh???

Giving books makes you look intelligent and cool. Enough said."

You can sign up here if you want to participate. You can also subscribe to the Buy Books for the Holidays collaborative blog to get ideas and motivation. Also, Amy mentioned on her own blog that she "could use a few more bloggers to help out with the blog...specifically if you have a strong niche....mystery, romance, kidlit, non-fiction etc. or live in a country other than the United States and Canada." I am personally spread too thin right now to take her up on this, but I raise it as an opportunity for other KidLit bloggers to help reach the broader audience of book bloggers. If you're interested, you can contact Amy via this post.

Think about giving books for this year's holiday season. I'm in.