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Children's Literacy Round-Up: November 10

Terry Doherty from the Reading Tub and I are experimenting with alternating our weekly Children's Literacy and Reading News round-ups. We found that we were overlapping quite a bit in the news that we covered, and Terry suggested that we try joining forces. You may have noticed my extra-long Literacy Round-Up last weekend, which included many contributions from Terry. Today, Terry has the November 10th Reading Round-Up at TubTalk, and includes several articles that I suggested. As Terry explained:

"Pulling together the round-up is getting to be a bigger job, but that's good news. It means a lot of people are thinking about, talking about, and doing something about literacy." 

Tubtalk If Terry and I can stop duplicating our efforts, and bring you a more broad total range of stories, I think that's a good thing. So, tarry no more here, fans of children's literacy and reading news. Head on over to TubTalk for this week's fabulous round-up.