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Just One Wish: Janette Rallison

Book: Just One Wish
Author: Janette Rallison
Pages: 272
Age Range: 12 and up 


Just One Wish by Janette Rallison is a light, romantic comedy for young adult readers. I have to admit, however, that although most of the book is about romance and madcap escapades, Just One Wish also brought a few tears to my eye at the end.

Seventeen-year-old Annika is determined to help her cancer-stricken younger brother Jeremy. So determined that she convinces Jeremy that she has a magic lamp, and that he can wish for a positive outcome of his upcoming surgery. Annika believes strongly in the power of positive thinking. But in order for Jeremy to believe in the lamp, he has to see another wish come true. Jeremy's wish, his greatest desire, is to have a visit by Robin Hood, his favorite television character. This wish sends Annika, along with her trusty best friend Madison, on a road trip to LA. Annika's mission is to convince the handsome television star who plays Robin Hood to visit Jeremy in Nevada before his surgery. She has no expectations of capturing the star's heart, of course. But well, unexpected things sometimes happen.

Like most romantic comedies, Just One Wish is a book that requires some suspension of belief. Would two high school girls really be able to sneak onto a closed production set in Burbank, and meet up with the star? Would archery really make a difference in real life? Would a young adult heartthrob really give the time of day to a random high school girl from Nevada, let alone fall for her? Probably not. But this novel is about wish fulfillment. It's a book for anyone who has ever fantasized about being the one that the celebrity notices, the one that he can be himself with.

Just One Wishis a light, quick read that fans of teen romance novels and movies should enjoy. What I think makes it worth reading, however, is not the relationship between Annika and the TV star, Steve Raleigh, at all. In truth, their relationship didn't resonate with me (though I can imagine it might in a movie version). No, where Just One Wish touched my heart was in the relationship between Annika and her ailing, beloved brother. Read Just One Wish for that.

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Publication Date: March 5, 2009
Source of Book: Advance review copy from the publisher
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