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November 24th Reading Round-Up at TubTalk

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Terry Doherty and I have been collaborating on our weekly children's literacy and reading news round-ups. This week's round-up is at TubTalk (a Reading Tub blog). Terry did her usual thorough job collecting news from a wide variety of sources. I wasn't much help to her on it this week, because I took a few computer-free days, but I'm already starting to collect tidbits for next weekend.

Two things that I especially liked from Terry's roundup were:

  • Donalyn Miller's latest column at The Book Whisperer, about how in recent years, "while raising the academic bar for struggling students, we lowered it for many gifted ones." I completely agree with Donalyn that "While strong national support exists for fostering the talents of gifted math and science students, it seems we need an educational movement that develops the talents of verbally-gifted people."
  • Lindsey Gemme's article for Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, Inc., about "three of 130 imprisoned dads who read to their kids via digitally-recorded CDs. "Fathers Bridging the Miles" is a program sponsored by  Read-to-Me, an international literacy nonprofit based in Hawaii." Terry has a couple of great quotes from the article. The original link came to us from Meg Ivey's Literacy Voices Round-Up at the NCFL Literacy Now blog.

Because of my computer-free days late last week, I'm sure that there is a lot of other news that I've missed. Hopefully I'll find time to get caught up before Thanksgiving. But for now, I happily refer you over to Terry's round-up. Happy Monday!