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Second Shelf Space Post Available: Cybils Literacy Evangelist

My second guest post is up at ForeWord Magazine's Shelf Space blog. The title is "Just What Exactly is a Cybils Literacy Evangelist?". Here's a brief extract:

"I believe that the Cybils have the potential to make a tremendous contribution to children’s literacy. Every year, thousands of new children’s books are published. While this variety is wonderful, the sheer magnitude of titles makes it difficult for parents and teachers, and even for librarians, to help kids choose books. And if we’re going to engage kids as readers, we have to offer them GREAT books. The books exist—but people don’t always have an easy way to find them. The Cybils, with their focus on literary quality and kid-appeal, give people a place to start." 

Please do click through to read the full article. Thanks! And a Happy Friday to all.