Growing Bookworms Newsletter: November 18
T4: Ann Clare LeZotte

Third Shelf Space Post Available: A Culture of Reading (and a short break)

My third guest post is now available at ForeWord Magazine's Shelf Space blog. It's about creating a culture of reading. Here's an excerpt:

"Creating a culture of reading is about more than just setting an example for children (though that’s clearly something that I think is important). Creating a culture of reading is about deciding what kind of a world we want to be part of. Do we want to live in a society that values books and reading, or not? The alternative, living in a society in which libraries fall into disuse and reading is a marginalized activity, is unthinkable."

Click through to read the full article.

Speaking of reading, I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from computer work for a few days, in an attempt to clear up some neck/shoulder problems that I've been having (nothing else is working, but a completely computer-free day yesterday seemed to help a bit). So, after I finish this post, I'll be back on the couch with the heating pad. No reading blogs, no FaceBook, no reviews ... it's a little weird, but I will be able to get some reading done, and I'll be checking email on my cell phone. Thanks for your patience!