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Announcement: PBS Parents Children's Book Blog

I am delighted to announce that starting in mid-to-late January I'll be working with Susan Kusel from Wizard's Wireless, Pam Coughlan from MotherReader, and Gina Montefusco from PBS on a new children's book blog for PBS Parents. The mission of the blog will be to help kids learn to love reading. This, of course, fits in quite well with what Susan and Pam and I have been trying to do with our own blogs, and with what PBS does through their many other outlets. We are all very excited to get started.

And honestly, we have many of you who are reading this post to thank. Some of you may recall that last January I was a guest blogger/expert at PBS Parents, talking about the power and wonder of children's books. Many members of the Kidlitosphere came over and commented, and helped me when I ran into questions that I was unable to answer sufficiently on my own (as referenced in this article). I think that together we demonstrated to PBS the high level of interest in children's books and raising readers among the blogging community, as well as the value of the Kidlitosphere as a resource for the PBS Parents audience. And that really started the ball rolling for this PBS Parents children's book blog.

As already explained by Susan at Wizards Wireless, topics will include "getting kids interested in reading, early literacy and reviews across a variety of genres." I also hope for the new blog to be a portal by which parents can learn more about the amazing resources available in the Kidlitosphere. As Susan also explained, we are having a bit of trouble coming up with the perfect name for the new blog. Any suggestions that you have would certainly be welcome. I'm thinking of Literacy Lighthouse as a name for my own little sub-section of the new blog, because I expect to focus a spotlight on literacy and book reviews. But we still need an overall name that gets across the concept of raising readers, talking about children's books, etc.

Stay tuned for further news as we get the blog established. Any feedback or suggestions that you have in the meantime would certainly be appreciated. And thanks so much for the feedback that helped to get this whole thing started, nearly a year ago.