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Friday Afternoon Visits: December 5

Butterflies in December

Abutterfly My thanks to Becky from Farm School for honoring me with a Butterly Award for "the coolest blog I know". What a lovely surprise on an otherwise quiet Friday afternoon.

I'm supposed to share the wealth by passing this along to 10 other blogs. As regular readers of this blog know, I don't really like ranking things, and I'm always resisting saying "these are the five or ten best blogs" or whatever. And yet... I have a weakness for the word "cool" for some reason (I'm sure it dates to some unfulfilled wish for coolness from high school, if the truth be known).

Anyway, do you want to know which are the first 10 kidlit blogs that come to mind when I think of COOL? OK, Fuse #8, 7-Imp, Finding Wonderland, ReadergirlzGuys Lit Wire, The Well-Read Child, Chasing Ray, Interactive Reader, MotherReader, Bookshelves of Doom, and Wizards Wireless. Yes, I know. That's actually 11. I'm really bad at these things. And if I think about this for even one more minute, I'll think of another blog that simply MUST be on this list. I have many other blogs that are favorites. But these were the first to pop into my head when thinking of "cool" in connection with the Kidlitosphere. Make of it what you will. Happy Friday!