Friday Afternoon Visits: December 5
Announcement: PBS Parents Children's Book Blog

Children's Literacy Round-Up: December 8

This week's children's literacy and reading news round-up can be found at TubTalk, a Reading Tub blog. As Terry Doherty points out, this week's news reflects the spirit of the holiday season, with less emphasis on cold, hard literacy facts, and more emphasis on ways to share a love of reading. Terry rounds up various posts about book gift-giving in the Kidlitosphere, and shares several community book donation events. She also highlights a new blog, and various other news, discussion, and grant items of interest to people who care about kids and literacy.  

My favorite quote of the week (from a post by Natacha Poech at The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance blog about finding the right books for kids) is: "Think of books in terms of chocolate mousse and a Hershey Kiss. There are moments for both!".

I'll have the literacy round-up here next week, and then I believe that Terry and I will both be taking a short vacation from covering reading news for the holidays. But for now, click through to check out all of this week's news at Terry's. Thanks!