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Fourth Shelf Space Article: Great Children's Books Stay with Us Forever

My fourth and final ForeWord Magazine Shelf Space article is now available. It's about how great children's books stay with us forever. Here's an excerpt:

"The books that we love as children stay with us forever (at least the books that we love once we’re old enough to remember). We can always peek at them in our minds, and (if we’re lucky) pull them off of our shelves for yet another read. There’s nothing else quite like that warm feeling that you get when you re-read a much-loved book. You’re not just experiencing the book now—you’re also re-experiencing all of your positive feelings about the book from over the years. It’s like a portable time machine, to let you visit the self that first fell in love with the book, and the other selves that re-read the book along the way."

This post was partially inspired by the response that I got to my Five Favorite Fictional Rooms post from last month, so special thanks are due to Charlotte and to the other commenters on that post. Click through to read the full Shelf Space post.