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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: January 5

Children's Literacy and Reading Round-Up: January 5th

Tubtalk After a break for the holidays, Terry Doherty and I are back with our alternating Children's Literacy and Reading Round-Ups. Terry has the first installment of 2009 at TubTalk. As Terry says, "bloggers within the Lit-blogosphere are energized and posting lots of fresh ideas for reading, reviewing, and blogging about books in 2009. In the kidlitosphere (since I follow that most closely), great things come from the conversations on our blogs." She has lots of great links, from reading resolutions to inspirational programs from around the world. If you're looking for encouragement and motivation around raising readers for the new year, this week's round-up is a great place to start.

Do check out Terry's New Year's Resolution post, too. She has some lovely, tangible goals. My favorite is: "Turn 12 struggling readers into inspired readers." I don't have such detailed goals myself this year, because my One Word mantra for the year is BALANCE. I would like to do as much as I can with my blog, without throwing my working life or my personal life out of balance. Dividing the workload of these literacy round-up posts with Terry has definitely been a step in the right direction, and I look forward to continuing with that in 2009.

Here's wishing you all another year of growing bookworms!