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PBS Engage: Live Chat about the Electric Company

PBSEngage I received this announcement today from Lauren Saks of PBS Engage. Since it's directly related to literacy, and it's about The Electric Company, too, I thought I'd share (emphasis mine).

Please join PBS Engage in a Live Chat with Sesame Workshop’s Karen Fowler, Executive Producer of the new PBS series “The Electric Company.” Ask Karen your questions about teaching literacy and how “The Electric Company” will help parents and educators encourage young readers.  

Join us on Wednesday, January 21st at 4pm (EST). 

PBS Engage is a digital media initiative connecting the PBS audience with each other and with PBS. The Live Chat series is a monthly session that puts viewers in touch with filmmakers, experts and producers to facilitate a dialogue. I have contacted you because you are an active member of the child and parenting online community. Please visit our chat page and leave your questions for Karen, then join us at 4pm for her responses. Can’t make it? The archived chat will be available immediately following the session. Leave your comments and continue the conversation.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?