Children's Literacy Round-Up: February 9
Quick Hits: Read-Aloud, Books for Boys, and a Carnival!

Books Now Available: Fade

Back in October I reviewed Lisa McMann's books Wake and Fade, though only Wake was published at that point. This series is about a teenage girl who experiences other people's dreams, and gets into real-world trouble. I said:

FadeI recommend this series for fans of chilling supernatural stories (teens who read Mary Downing Hahn as kids, and adults who couldn't get enough Lois Duncan as teens). Even those who aren't intrigued by the idea of dream-walking but enjoy tales of kids-from-tough-circumstances-who-make-good may also enjoy Wake and Fade. Personally, I'm already looking forward to the next book (Gone, according to a mention on the author's Amazon blog).

Fade is scheduled for publication today. If you like supernatural stories, I recommend that you buy both Wake and Fade, and have yourself a scary book double-feature!