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Children's Literacy Round-Up: February 9

Follow-Up on Encouraging Read-Aloud Campaign

JenAndDadReading2 The post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, about a campaign to encourage adults to read aloud with children, seems to have really hit a nerve. Related posts continue to roll in, as do comments on the original post. I rounded up some of the additional posts last Monday (on Groundhog Day). Here are the ones that I've run across since then. If I missed your post on this topic, please let me know. I'm working on a compilation of the ideas, but that's going to take a bit more time.

TeacherNinja has some ideas about encouraging read-aloud, particularly the importance of continuing to read aloud to kids who are older, and the very important point that people who aren't reading aloud to their kids are missing out on "how much freaky fun it can be".

The Book Chook shares a dream about kids from all over the world listening to books being read aloud. She says: "If you share my dream, leave a comment and let other readers know. Last week, I had many comments from people who said they were off to take action. We'd love to read what you're doing! Let's unite our dreams for greater literacy, and help kids dream with the aid of books." Please consider adding your voice to the discussion in the comments there, too. Also, I'm not sure if I linked to these other related posts at The Book Chook, here and here.

Bibliovore at Kid Tested, Librarian Approved suggests a Read To Your Kids day, asking: "How much would literacy rates in this country be improved if we could reach the parents and convince them that, as their children's first teacher, they can lay the groundwork for literacy from birth on?"

Amy from My Friend Amy says: "regarding my Sunday Salon post about reading aloud...I think what I'll do is post once a month with what efforts I have made (on my own time) towards the promotion of literacy. I'll include a Mr. Linky and if you have also decided to make a more conscious effort to promote literacy you can share in comments or write a post on your blog and link up." A great idea, don't you think?

Sarah from In Need of Chocolate also linked to my original post this week. I'm thrilled to see this discussion continuing and proliferating. I'll keep the news coming, and will try to do something constructive with the many ideas just as soon as I can.  

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