Share a Story - Shape a Future: Day 1: Raising Readers
Growing Bookworms Newsletter: March 10

Share a Story - Shape a Future: Day 2: Selecting Reading Material

ShareAStoryLogo-color Welcome to Day 2 of the Share a Story - Shape a Future literacy blog tour, focused on helping parents and teachers to recommending reading material for kids. Today's host is teacher Sarah Mulhern from The Reading Zone. Here's a snippet from Sarah's introduction for today:

"As Terry said yesterday, it all starts with raising readers. By surrounding children with text and stories, we are helping them blossom into the readers they can and should be. So maybe yesterday you decided to set aside some time every day or so to read with your children. But now you are overwhelmed - where do you begin? How do you find books to read? How do you know what books your child will enjoy sharing with you? Today’s bloggers have fantastic ideas and suggestions for selecting reading material for different age groups."

Here's today's schedule, with links (links borrowed from The Reading Tub, where Terry Doherty is keeping up with everything that's going on):

Other Share a Story-Shape a Future News

Sue_steph1 In addition to direct links to the posts for today, Sarah has included a special section on her host post with additional resources for selecting reading material. She'll be filling in additional suggestions as they come through during the day. So head on over to check out this excellent resource, and share your thoughts!

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